This thing is quickly coming to an end. Maybe not as quickly as many want. But we are making great strides. We will see the reopening of the motor sports community sooner rather than later.  Just be patient and not do anything stupid which could cause harm to a loved one this close to the end.


I know it is frustrating for everyone, but do not buy into these internet groups who demand we take action and do something about this tyrannical government which is holding us down. I do not like being restricted form enjoying my entertainment  choices anymore than anyone else. But i recognized the authority given to the state and local government by the SCOTUS in Jacobson v Massachusetts in 1905 and confirmed again in 1922 in Zucht v. King. In 1905 in its 7-2 ruling the court ruled that personal liberties could be suspended when “the safety of the general public may demand” for example during a smallpox outbreak. Also  “there are manifold restraints to which each person is necessarily subject for the common good”.   This ruling was also revisited this year when the federal United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit relied on Jacobson when upholding a Texas regulation halting abortions by including it in its ban on non-essential medical services and surgeries.

So it is the law of the land and getting frustrated over it is not going to do anyone any good. We just need to be patient and try not to get too frustrated while we work toward total reopening. Which should be no more than a few days to weeks away. So enjoy your online  racing and get your cars ready for the season to start. It is not that far off.


And remember one thing, you are not going to win anything the first turn of the first lap of the first night of racing. So let’s not let our boredom cause us to drive like an idiot. We still have a long season of racing a head of us. So lets not destroy all that hard work on the first night.

Stay Safe Out There.

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